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FST offers high quality, state licensed programs to provide a wide range of services to individuals with disabilities. Programs include Adult Day Service (ADS), Day Training & Habilitation (DTH), and Pre-Vocational/Supported Employment (PVSE). For more information in any of these programs, please click on the appropriate page.

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Floodwood Services & Training began in October of 1977 in response to community members desiring a place for their children with disabilities to enrich their lives. Over the last 30 years FST has grown and adapted to the needs of the community, gradually adding each of the three day programs. Although we started in the smaller Floodwood community, we now serve individuals from as far as Meadowlands, Canyon, Cromwell, Brookston, Saginaw, and Swan River.
The agency now has three thriving programs, each with a specific goal and intent.
Our Adult Day Service (ADS) program is geared toward the senior population, although we also serve younger adults, seeking to keep their independence and social life. We currently have over 30 people enrolled and continue to grow. The program focuses on socialization and involvement with the community by scheduling various activities each day including baking, crafts, frequent community outings, games, and more. We also provide daily exercise, nutritious meals, and assistance with personal cares as needed.
Our Day Training & Habilitation (DTH) program is licensed for up to 40 individuals. The focus of this day program varies for each participant. We develop a program that works to support the desired outcomes for each individual. Our intent is to provide the best care possible for these individuals through kind and compassionate care according to their specific needs. We provide supported employment, assistance with personal cares, and stimulating interaction with staff members and peers.
Our newest program, Pre-Vocational Supported Employment (PVSE), is our fastest growing program which is currently serving over 35 individuals. This program is for our participants with a desire to work and remain as independent as possible. They work on chore crews (lawn mowing, snow shoveling, raking, processing recycling, etc.), assist with the day-to-day operations of our facility (laundry, dishes, janitorial, etc.), and complete smaller jobs for outside agencies (shredding, packaging, etc.). There are a variety of work projects to fit each individual skill set and interests.
Although these three programs are very different and have their own set of goals and purposes, they all fit under the greater Floodwood Services & Training umbrella of services. As an agency we work together to make the best possible programs for those we serve. We strive to uphold dignity and treat each participant with respect as we give them the skills and tools necessary to reach their potential. We do this by creating an atmosphere of encouragement and acceptance, providing a staff of caring individuals, and exploring new and better ways to move forward into the future.
Our first priority is, and always has been, our participants.

"USDA is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender."

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